5 Most Common Garage Door Openers Repairs


An automatic garage door opener provides convenience, security, and safety to your house. While such systems are intended to give homeowners many years of reliable services, they are complicated systems with lots of moving parts that frequently operating under heavy loads and extreme conditions. Thus, even the most excellent systems have problems occasionally. The good news here is that most common issues that these machines face can be fixed. The garage door openers repair, together with regular maintenance, could easily save you lots of time, money and hassle. Here are some of the common opener issues that can be easily repaired by a garage door repair technician:

Incorrectly Adjusted Force or Travel Limit
As the opener closes and opens the door, it should know exactly when to stop. The travel limit controls where the door should stop, and the force limit stops the garage door if something obstructs its closing or opening. If the opener stops with garage door partially closed or opened, the problem likely is incorrectly adjusted travel limit. If the garage door reverses direction abruptly in the mid of travel, or it has power but it does not move when the control is pushed, the issue is possibly incorrect force limit. Have professional garage door repair companies fix these issues, and don’t use force limit to compensate for misaligned or stuck door.

Incorrectly Programmed Remote Control
The wireless controller using which your door opener is prepared allows the operation of garage door without any direct access to wired control panel. Your remote control should be programmed correctly for it to run correctly. While this usually is done by the installer during installation, the controllers at times lose the programming for different reasons and should be reprogrammed immediately. If you’re pressing the button for opening the door on controller but nothing happens, then first check the batteries. If the batteries are good, the controller might have to be reprogrammed. The process differs from one manufacturer to other and can generally be found in owner’s manual or online.

Worn Out Motor
Motor is the heart of garage door openers. Without a working motor, nothing will happen. Slow travel of your garage door, grinding noise, or smell of hot wire during operation tends to be good signs of problem with the motor. Because of the importance of motor, and the risks of electric shock, the motors must be replaced only by a qualified garage door repair professionals. Trying to disassemble and fix the opener yourself usually will void the warranties on the system.

Malfunctioning Safety Sensor
Most of the modern garage doors use photo-optic security sensors to avoid the garage door from closing on property or people accidentally and causing damage or injury. The sensors project invisible light beam across the garage door’s bottom. If the beam is interrupted, then opener won’t work. If beam is burned out, has loose electrical connections, or if the reflector and emitter have become misaligned, then it causes a fake signal to the garage door, making working of the opener irregular or avoiding it completely.

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