Use of the Garage Door, Wear and Tear


Like other mechanical things, manual and automatic garage doors have to be looked after by regular maintenance. By looking after them you would:
• Ensure your garage door lasts longer, delaying imminent replacement.
• Ensure your garage door works reliably, minimizing the inconvenience of a breakdown, and…
• Ensure your garage door works safely, minimizing hazards associated with opening and closing the heaviest moving part of your home.
Garage doors should be maintained according to the instructions supplied with the product. If the procedure can’t be easily carried out by the average homeowner, then a professional needs to be called in to do the work. This is especially true in respect to the springs that serve as counterbalance to the door’s weight as it opens and closes. These springs are capable of applying lethal force if adjusted incorrectly so should be adjusted only by a qualified Service Technician.

So what is expected of the user of an automatic garage door?

Sensible Use
Study any instructions supplied with your door, and follow those instructions. Instructions may cover issues such as safe and proper use and care of your garage door, and how to disengage it in the event of a breakdown or power failure, so you can use it manually. Use the product sensibly. Avoiding abusing it when you know something is wrong with the equipment.

Keep your eyes and ears open while the door is opening or closing electrically. If it becomes noisy or jerky, automatically reverses while closing or automatically stops while opening, you notice that something is loose, broken, or working abnormally; stop using it immediately, stay clear of it and call a professional immediately to fix it. If you have a manually operated garage door, you may also feelsomething is wrong particularly if the door is unusually heavy to lift.

Take a moment to confirm that nothing and no-one is in its path before you open or close it, especially if it’s electrically driven. Although modern electrically driven garage doors have in-built safety features that prevent excessive force from being applied by the door, they can and will cause damage, potentially lethal to a small child or pet if they strike while operating.

Observe the door operating until it has completed its movement. In most cases if you see imminent danger while it’s opening or closing, then you can press your remote control transmitter which will either stop or reverse the door, avoiding the accident.

Keep children away from your garage doors. As we know, children must be taught the utmost respect for garage and all driveway areas. Just as a moving car can be deadly to a child, so also the garage door can be dangerous. As adults, we must maintain awareness of what is going on around us, especially from the comfort of our cars.

Every 6 months or so lubricate the parts that need lubricating with the correct lubricant. If unsure of what to do or use, call the manufacturer, or call the Service Technician for advice. If in doubt, use nothing until advised, because the wrong lubricant could damage a component.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Garage Door Repairs


Simply because you might be capable to do a garage door repair job yourself doesn’t mean you should always. There are many benefits of hiring a garage door professional for any work you need to get done. The garage door is the largest part of your house and thus it is difficult to handle if you are not a professional. If you’re not an expert, it hurt you very badly if you don’t know how to deal with its different components. Make a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of a Do It Yourself garage door project, and compare them with hiring a professional. Below are a few things you should consider:

Bonded and Licensed
A professional garage door repair company or contractor will be licensed within your community in order to perform the work that they are hired by you to complete. These professionals will also have the required insurance to cover workers and will be bonded too (to guard you from being accountable to subcontractors). Wealth is set away by the professionals in the bond in order to cover payouts if any dispute arises. A bonded and licensed company will help guard you as well as your interests.

Expertise and Experience
Training and on job experience offers the professionals an edge when handling any garage door project is considered. They might have done similar work for others and so they will know the steps which are needed to complete your work.

Right Tools
It might be possible or you to take out your garage door using just a hammer, but this don’t means the work will be finished in a way which will leave you contented with the final results. Professionals who work on garage door repairs or installation on an everyday basis will possess the tools which will make the whole work more precise, efficient, and clean. The right tools can really make a great difference.

Staff and Assistance
Many issues can occur when you attempt to do a complicated garage door repair project yourself. You might not be capable to get the assistance you need to perform the project right. But professional garage door companies will have an excellent staff that works together and focus in different regions so that they’ve the support they require to complete the work.

Accuracy and Speed
The more you carry out a work, the more skilled and faster you become at it. Professionals have been highly trained to perform garage door repair over the duration of their business. It’ll be in a great position to do the work on your house and garage door with accuracy that comes from training and practice only. They will even be capable to do the work faster than somebody who is just learning how to perform the work.

Look at your garage door project and start making a comprehensive list of all advantages of completing a project yourself. Create a separate list about all the advantages for hiring a garage door professional. When you start comparing these two lists, you likely will discover more reasons to employ a profession rather than doing it yourself.

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe using Professional Garage Door Repair Services


The usage of house garages is not restricted to simple car parking or storage of unused products. They are important additions to houses and provide numerous reasons. Due to their elevated value, garages now need much more cautious upkeep. Just about the most common areas of upkeep is garage doors repair. This is certainly true not only simply because garages are prone to damage and also because owners cannot afford these parts of the garage to keep damaged. While garage door repair is an essential upkeep process, there are many steps that must precede it. Especially, you can find arrangements that you should consider prior to performing the restoration. Here are a few of them.

Check the Track

After understanding the basic concepts of your garage door repair, the next phase is to look for the door for problems. To begin, you need to analyse the tracks in which the actual door moves on. One essential requirement to evaluate is the condition of the mounting brackets. If these mounting brackets are just loosely holding the tracks in position, then there is a necessity to tighten up particular bolts. The track should then be looked into for malformations and dings. Furthermore, you need to evaluate if the track is levelled and perfectly aligned during garage door repair

The doorways of the garage area essentially run on a spring action. Generally its flexibility depends on unique metal tracks and they have the ability in the spring action. Some restoration tips ideal for you include –

The aluminum panels are very lightweight and simple to maintain. Because of construction, it will stay rust free. This comes in many colors making this simple to choose something, which matches to your style. But, aluminum dents easily than the steel that means you might need to have it repaired very often. The steel doors are toughest on market. They’re made with 2 layers of the galvanized steel and is painted to match to your home. They can dent in case hit, however not easily aluminum. Not like aluminum, they’re subject to rusting as well as corrosion thus you need to keep it well-maintained, particularly if you stay in the coastal area. The vinyl options are perfect for people with the busy kids. They’re built on steel frame and give them the durability, as well as are very tough to dent and break. Whereas they don’t have many color options like steel and aluminum, you will find something looks good with the home. You do not need to do a lot more than just to hose it off every time. Whereas this kind is very popular, there are some companies that won’t install and maintain them because of excessive weight. Not like sectionals, the weight will be hazardous and is known to cause some injuries. By installing the garage doors, which complement the home’s style or color, you may vastly improve the curb appeal. This also can help to breathe the new life in the outdated look. You need to follow the simple tips to ensure that you’ve garage door that may last long in to your home

What Happens During Garage Door Services Call?


Some people wrongly try Do-It-Yourself garage door repair in their own way when they should have an expert do so for them. It is not to say that you cannot do some of the things yourself to help keep the garage door working nicely in-between the service calls. However, when problems take over that stop you from opening your door, then it is time to call a garage door repair professional to inspect the things and replace components.

The service calls can prevent and solve a lot of garage door issues. Whether the garage door of your residential or commercial place has started acting or you’re staying ahead of prospective issues, it is an excellent idea to know about what you should expect. Then you’re in a better point to respond and make sure that service call is positive and productive.

Welcome and Clarification
You would have probably discussed the reasons for service call on your phone call when you took the appointment. Preferably, the service professionals will come on time, knock the door and then introduce themselves. They will then clarify the main reason for the service call. They will also ask you about issues you’ve been facing and other details regarding your door. Always be as specific and honest as probable.

Clearing Space
You’ll need to ensure that your garage remains clear of any objects. The repair person should be capable to access the whole door, including the overhead track and the frame. If you have not cleared the space prior to they come, your service professional likely will request you to do it before they can start.

The Inspection
The garage door repair technician will first inspect the springs, tracks, and other mechanisms carefully. The service professional might need to close and open the door many times in order that they can listen for and monitor any potential issues.

Before Repair
If the garage door expert is there for standard maintenance/service call intended to prevent issues in future, then the garage door repair technician will probably just complete the necessary steps for that service work. For example, they might adjust spring tension and lubricate hinges. However, if any repairs are there to be made, then they will talk with you prior to proceeding, as the repairs cost much more than standardized service call.

You can expect a complete explanation about why the repair work is necessary, along with a quote for the charges. In a few cases, they might not be capable to make the repair on the same day, so you may have to make follow-up appointment. In case they can make repair on the same day and you consent to the cost, expect to pay out for the repair and the call after they have completed their work.

A well maintained door can easily last for decades. A yearly service call to ensure that everything is running efficiently is a smart method to remain ahead of issues and to avoid expensive repairs. Speak with an expert garage door company to make any appointment.

5 Most Common Garage Door Openers Repairs


An automatic garage door opener provides convenience, security, and safety to your house. While such systems are intended to give homeowners many years of reliable services, they are complicated systems with lots of moving parts that frequently operating under heavy loads and extreme conditions. Thus, even the most excellent systems have problems occasionally. The good news here is that most common issues that these machines face can be fixed. The garage door openers repair, together with regular maintenance, could easily save you lots of time, money and hassle. Here are some of the common opener issues that can be easily repaired by a garage door repair technician:

Incorrectly Adjusted Force or Travel Limit
As the opener closes and opens the door, it should know exactly when to stop. The travel limit controls where the door should stop, and the force limit stops the garage door if something obstructs its closing or opening. If the opener stops with garage door partially closed or opened, the problem likely is incorrectly adjusted travel limit. If the garage door reverses direction abruptly in the mid of travel, or it has power but it does not move when the control is pushed, the issue is possibly incorrect force limit. Have professional garage door repair companies fix these issues, and don’t use force limit to compensate for misaligned or stuck door.

Incorrectly Programmed Remote Control
The wireless controller using which your door opener is prepared allows the operation of garage door without any direct access to wired control panel. Your remote control should be programmed correctly for it to run correctly. While this usually is done by the installer during installation, the controllers at times lose the programming for different reasons and should be reprogrammed immediately. If you’re pressing the button for opening the door on controller but nothing happens, then first check the batteries. If the batteries are good, the controller might have to be reprogrammed. The process differs from one manufacturer to other and can generally be found in owner’s manual or online.

Worn Out Motor
Motor is the heart of garage door openers. Without a working motor, nothing will happen. Slow travel of your garage door, grinding noise, or smell of hot wire during operation tends to be good signs of problem with the motor. Because of the importance of motor, and the risks of electric shock, the motors must be replaced only by a qualified garage door repair professionals. Trying to disassemble and fix the opener yourself usually will void the warranties on the system.

Malfunctioning Safety Sensor
Most of the modern garage doors use photo-optic security sensors to avoid the garage door from closing on property or people accidentally and causing damage or injury. The sensors project invisible light beam across the garage door’s bottom. If the beam is interrupted, then opener won’t work. If beam is burned out, has loose electrical connections, or if the reflector and emitter have become misaligned, then it causes a fake signal to the garage door, making working of the opener irregular or avoiding it completely.

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