Use of the Garage Door, Wear and Tear


Like other mechanical things, manual and automatic garage doors have to be looked after by regular maintenance. By looking after them you would:
• Ensure your garage door lasts longer, delaying imminent replacement.
• Ensure your garage door works reliably, minimizing the inconvenience of a breakdown, and…
• Ensure your garage door works safely, minimizing hazards associated with opening and closing the heaviest moving part of your home.
Garage doors should be maintained according to the instructions supplied with the product. If the procedure can’t be easily carried out by the average homeowner, then a professional needs to be called in to do the work. This is especially true in respect to the springs that serve as counterbalance to the door’s weight as it opens and closes. These springs are capable of applying lethal force if adjusted incorrectly so should be adjusted only by a qualified Service Technician.

So what is expected of the user of an automatic garage door?

Sensible Use
Study any instructions supplied with your door, and follow those instructions. Instructions may cover issues such as safe and proper use and care of your garage door, and how to disengage it in the event of a breakdown or power failure, so you can use it manually. Use the product sensibly. Avoiding abusing it when you know something is wrong with the equipment.

Keep your eyes and ears open while the door is opening or closing electrically. If it becomes noisy or jerky, automatically reverses while closing or automatically stops while opening, you notice that something is loose, broken, or working abnormally; stop using it immediately, stay clear of it and call a professional immediately to fix it. If you have a manually operated garage door, you may also feelsomething is wrong particularly if the door is unusually heavy to lift.

Take a moment to confirm that nothing and no-one is in its path before you open or close it, especially if it’s electrically driven. Although modern electrically driven garage doors have in-built safety features that prevent excessive force from being applied by the door, they can and will cause damage, potentially lethal to a small child or pet if they strike while operating.

Observe the door operating until it has completed its movement. In most cases if you see imminent danger while it’s opening or closing, then you can press your remote control transmitter which will either stop or reverse the door, avoiding the accident.

Keep children away from your garage doors. As we know, children must be taught the utmost respect for garage and all driveway areas. Just as a moving car can be deadly to a child, so also the garage door can be dangerous. As adults, we must maintain awareness of what is going on around us, especially from the comfort of our cars.

Every 6 months or so lubricate the parts that need lubricating with the correct lubricant. If unsure of what to do or use, call the manufacturer, or call the Service Technician for advice. If in doubt, use nothing until advised, because the wrong lubricant could damage a component.

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